Mr. Wilson's PC Repair offers a selection of used laptops.

PC Repair


Basic PC/Laptop Diagnosis

$35 (waived if PC/Laptop repairs are made by Mr. Wilson's PC Repair)

Memory Upgrades

$35 plus cost of parts

Laptop Screen Replacement

$75 plus cost of parts

All other repairs and in home network set-up

$50/hour plus cost of parts (plus $0.50 per mile if outside of the city of Ames for in home services)

Our low price computer repair service includes complete diagnosis and repair of most computer hardware and software problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair take?

This will vary based off the diagnosis. Some repair tasks are very time-consuming.

Why buy a used/refurbished computer system?

There are many advantages to buying used, and we at Mr. Wilson's PC Repair, are proud to offer this as an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to buying new.

How do we refurbish our laptops?

Every used laptop we sell is manually refurbished from start to finish by Mr. Wilson. Our refurbishing process has been designed to filter out any systems with potential flaws and ensure that you're receiving only the best, like-new quality used laptops.

Where do we get our used laptops that we refurbish and sell?

We purchase many of our laptops from companies with a short, 3-year IT equipment lifecycle. Many of these laptops are only a few years old and have specifications much higher than typical laptops from "big box stores". We also offer a trade-in program, where we will pay cash for your used laptop. All laptops we buy, no matter what the source, are all treated to the same stringent refurbishing process.